Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DBS Marina Regatta 2013

ABBEY: DBS Marina Regatta was celebrated last two weekends of May. I received an email that I was selected to have a chance to go sailing at Marina Bay. Then Wilma told me that she registered for it. It was a first for me. 

We went to Marina Promenade where DBS held booths for the visitors. They have food and drinks stall, free archery target shooting, and display of bikes made out of bamboo. They even had a make-shift stage for the concert later that evening. A large photo wall was exhibited featuring all the guests and participants of the events. 

We signed a waiver upon going sailing. We were given life jackets and briefed about the safety measures while on the boat. At first we were slow but when the wind struck the sails we picked up speed. I was afraid getting capsized when our boat tilted by 45-50 degrees. But our captain told us it would not happen as there is a weight under the boat that balances it. Still it made me nervous. 

The sailing took about 30 minutes and the experience is great. It's a good thing that the sailing club have their boats used for the event. Other water activities includes dragon boat and kayaking. The souvenirs we had are a bull cap and a fan.

WILL: DBS is one of the largest bank here in Singapore and last 25th of May we were lucky to participate on one of their activities. 
      Regatta means a series of water vessel race and DBS held those races at Marina Bay on a two weekends. 
      At 230pm, on a lovely scorching heat of the powerful sun, we are very lucky to experience to sail for free. For minutes of briefing, we were there at the sailing boat and wait for a strong wind to blew us away!
      Abbey enjoyed the breeze and the Marina Bay water's gushing against our boat, as I sat in front, I was time to time instructed by to loosen or tighten up the sail's rope, experienced added!
      DBS Marina Regatta 2013 is so successful. Thanks DBS for the archery, performers, music and binding the family through water sports!