Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Republic of Singapore Navy Open House /18-19 May 2013

ABBEY: After we have seen a spectacular display and show of aircrafts at the RSAF open house last 2011, we decided to attend their Navy Open House. This was last May 19 at Changi Naval Base.

After my night shift we hurried to Singapore Expo Hall 3 to ride a bus. We reached the Expo by 9 am and the queue was already at Hall 6. But the queue is moving fast. It's like your just in a walkalator :) When its our time to ride the bus, I noticed that Navy officers are putting  seals on the bus doors for every bus that is ready to go to the base. This is good security measure to ensure that all passengers of the bus passed through the checkpoints done on Expo. 

We arrived at Changi Naval base at 9:45am. We didn't waste time to strike a pose on the ships. As the sun continue to rise we cool down on one of their airconditioned-zone, the Mission zone. This tent exhibits the activities done by the Singapore Navy like peace-keeping missions, relief operations, and anti-piracy. In here also we got the chance to dress as a navy soldier with matching helmet and goggles, vest and rifle. The PA system invited all the visitors to watch the first performance of Navy on engaging on battle at sea. 

They have an equipment to locate and launch torpedo on an under the sea combat. They also showed how they communicate and operate a mission to rescue a hijacked vessel. Then at the end of the show, the submarine appeared. 

Next we went to the Heart Zone where we got our Sinagpore Navy stamps for collection. They also sell shirts and other souvenir items. We also have a couple pic courtesy of mojoideas. They also developed a game as part of the celebration, the Sea of fire. Android and iOS users can download it for free. They are also giving away souvenir badges and pens. 

Another tent houses the food and drinks carts. We got nasi lemak and chicken shawarma. We haven't got the chance to go inside the ships as the queue time is more than an hour. Given that I have not yet slept and the heat of the sun, I'll definitely collapse :) 

They also have a tent for kids wherein they can play remote-controlled boats and  target shooting games. We headed home by 1:30pm. Before riding the bus we were given bottle of water for hydration. Make sure to bring water when attending this activity and be early. By the way the event is for free.

WILL: This is why the Facebook is very useful for propagating a news, here at Republic of Singapore Navy page I saw their advertisement on their Open House 2013 event. As I was amazed with the fighter planes I saw when we went to RSAF 2011, I know my jaw dropped here too.
      I woke up 530AM and left our home 7AM, I waited for my husband to go out from office. Yes! He is from night shift and yes, he will be going with me and yes he do not have sleep! I just bought him a black coffee for some caffeine kick!
      Once we saw a queue at Singapore Expo, we immediately followed it and not more than 30minutes, we already boarded the free shuttle going to Changi Naval Base.
      Their ships are huge but do not have the guts to queue for 45minutes to go inside due to the razing heat of the sun, my husband may faint, haha.. We just took photo from outside and waited for 9:30am show.
      The Singapore Navy show-off all the skills and high-tech machines they used to defend this country 24/7. Known as the busiest port, they have a lot of duties and work to do. I am so happy that my long question of "Do Singapore have a submarine?" was answered when I saw it.
      We ate Nasi Lemak for lunch, queue for some photos together with mighty navy, then went home.
      This experience is very nice! Looking forward for another Open House! Thanks Republic of Singapore Navy for keeping us all here... SAFE!