Friday, June 14, 2013

Starz Restaurant (Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Lobby)

ABBEY: Starz restaurant is located at the ground floor of Hard Rock Hotel in Sentosa. I first came to know about it when we fetch Wilma's cousin during her stay at Singapore. My wife told me that there is a promo offered by the restau; and it was a buffet :) It rained hard that day but it didn't deter us to go there. Rain or shine the feast will go on. We were there 30 minutes early. We used the time to take pictures of the food that we will later munch on. The layout of the place is a long curves one with touches of black, violet and other relaxing colors. 

By the time the buffet starts I hurried to the Indian cuisine station and grabbed a couple of papad and prata. On the Western side, I had chunks of roasted chicken and a slice of roast beef. The beef was moist and flavorful as well as the chicken. On the next batch I got hainanese chicken and pork belly which reminds me of lechon skin :) I also indulged in their sweet watermelon. It goes well with roasted pork belly; salty and sweet. Then I wrap up the dinner with a cup of chocolate gelato. 

Coffee and tea is free flow as well. The buffet costs $36 per person.

WILL: It was a rainy 7th of May, when Abbey and I decided to go to Sentosa to avail the dinner buffet of Starz Restaurant of Hard Rock Hotel. Well who can resist a buy-one, take-one offer? We grabbed it for only $72 for two.
      We arrived early and we waited for 10 minutes for the chefs to get all the food be ready for our attack, haha! When the go signal was on, I immediately went to sushi stand and put some on my plates. Their sushi is quite too cold and the rice is quite hard. Then, I walked my way to the western cuisine, as usual white pasta is more alluring on my eyes, while Abbey went for red sauce. I asked the man behind the counter to slice some beef for me, and the beef is so tasty. Indian cuisine will not be out, so I ordered a cheese prata, too oily. I say hello to fresh oysters and some prawns. It seems that all people that night went to Starz for those sea creatures! Haha! 
      To help my stomach to grind the food I am intaking, I constantly drink hot tea. 
      The restaurant ambiance is quite romantic and the place is not so crowded, unlike the hotels' restau located at Orchard.
      We were there for 4 hours until we know that our digestive system is full by their food! Ha!

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