Monday, May 1, 2017

Korean Air (Singapore - Chicago - Singapore)

ABBEY: Korean Air is our airline of choice for our US trip (Chicago). The almost 24-hour flight was made comfortable by the attendants. Blanket, pillow, and slippers and toothbrush were already in our seats upon boarding. 

Food like bibimbap and chicken with carrots and brocolli were served. They were delicious and can be partnered  with soda, white or red wine, beer, tea or coffee. We got aisle seats and they have enough legroom for a tall guy like me. 

The attendants were polite, ready to serve and always wear a smile. We were a little bit over our baggage allowance but was able to check them in without additional fee. 

Speaking of, all our luggages have cracks after the flight. I don't know if this is the trade off when not paying for extra kilos or only a case of mishandling. 

All in all the flight experience is great. I hope we can be bumped up to business class on our next trip.

Our Damage Luggages After Our Korean Air Flight :(

WILL: Korean Air launched a massive advertising here in Singapore. Their billboards are everywhere. They even have commercial in YouTube. Persuaded by cheap fare and advertisement, we opted to board their plane for our Singapore-Chicago-Singapore (SIN-ORD-SIN). 

We went for an early check-in at Changi Terminal 2 for us to roam around inside the World's Best Airport. Yes! There is an early check-in available. 

Upon boarding, we were greeted by beautiful and handsome stewards of KE-?!?. It is a night flight and upon seating my eyes immediately shut down. Sorry! Haha! When we are about to land at Incheon Airport, I managed to woke up when they are distributing juices/water. One of the flight crew smilingly ask if I want my in-flight meal. Still groggy, I just took an orange juice and water and replied back "No." with a smile. 

We alighted my first Korean Air flight and shocked to know that there is super long queue for security checking for transferring passengers. It took us an hour to pass those x-ray machines. 

After a 3-hour lounging at Asiana Business Lounge, we went back for our flight to our destination. Flight number was KE-???. We were abundantly served with food and juices. Their light was fully turned off and will make you feel sleepy. Yes, I slept for more than half of our flight. Haha! And I ate all the food they served this time. 

Nothing special on our way back to Singapore except that Korean Air didn't distribute a pouch that contains toothbrush and disposable slippers on our Incheon-Changi flight. You can find the toothbrush at lavatory. 

So what can I say for Korean Air! Kudos for the job well done by your stewards and smooth landing and take-offs done by pilot. But I have a complain to highlight.

3 out of four luggages were damaged. This is the first time it happened in our years of travelling. I can accept one damage but hey! Three?! Seriously? 

We discovered when we reached Chicago that the big and small plastic luggage have a crack. A huge line of crack. I let that passed way, when we're unpacking our things here in Singapore, I found out that one of bags were slashed.An enormous slash. And my head erupted that time like a volcano. That is unacceptable. But I choose my coolness and rather chose my peace. 

I hope you will seek answer to this complaint. I get it, you give an extraordinary care with the passengers and I do hope you that too in our belongings. 

Will we board the Korean Air again? Well, I am not so sure.

Korean Air