Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Portillo's: Beef. Burgers. Salads.

ABBEY: There is one item that we wanted to get from Portillo's: their chocolate cake shake. So after a day in Downtown Chicago, our Kuya and Ate treat us for dinner at Portillo's at Harwood Heights. And yes, the chocolate cake shake is available. 

But first I indulged with big bites on their Italian Beef and Sausage combo; beef and sausage in a sandwich. It was so delicious and packs a lot of flavor. No need for any condiments like ketchup or mustard. 

Then came the dessert. It is literally a slice of Portillo's famous chocolate cake put into a blender. You can still feel the cake texture in every sip. Just be moderate with this. Lots of sugar and calories my friends.

Portillo's: Beef. Burgers. Salads. - Italian Beef and Sausage Combo

Portillo's: Beef. Burgers. Salads. - Menu

Portillo's: Beef. Burgers. Salads. 
Portillo's Famous Cake Shake

Portillo's: Beef. Burgers. Salads. - Italian Beef

WILL: Portillo's is one of the pride Chicagoans. And of course, our hosts dropped us there for a dinner after our first "all-alone" tour in downtown.  

They suggested for us to order certain dishes. For me, I got Italian Beef. The meat is overflowing and so the oil. Ohh men! It is delicious..and fattening..argh! But delicious! Haha! The serving is large and of course I requested Abbey to finish the quarter I had left! Damn those yummy calories! 

Then my favourite, the chocolate cake shake. A slice of well-known Portillo's cake. From there the magic began. Whewwww! Now I am missing this sinful drink! 

If you are going to Chicago! Do not miss to visit Portillo's! 

Portillo's: Beef. Burgers. Salads
(A) 7308 W Lawrence Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706, USA
(T) +1 872-484-1919

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