Wednesday, May 3, 2017

NBA: Atlanta Hawks vs Chicago Bulls

ABBEY: One of the gifts that my Kuya and Ate gave us is a pair of tickets for a Chicago Bulls game at United Center. This is a crucial game for the Bulls to win so they can move to the playoffs. The match is against Atlanta Hawks. 

Before going to our seats, we were able to create our cheerboards, got our plushtoy freebie and game coupons. The score was so close which brought more intensity to the house. The Bulls had the homecourt advantage and they won the game. 

The crowd were rewarded with McDonald's Big Mac as the Bulls finished with more than 100 points. 

Congratulations Chicago Bulls.

WILL: Bulls! Go! Bulls! 

OhMyG! Never thought that I will be experiencing a live action of NBA! Specially to see Chicago Bulls to play! A big thanks to Kuya Victor and Ate Gail for sponsorship. Haha. Ahmm, I will tell you a secret. The ticket price is high! 

The United Center arena is enormous for its size. The game had never been boring! The crowd is cheering proud and loud for Chicago Bulls. Of course, I will join the cheer! There is a lot of freebies to redeem if Bulls will win against Hawks. 

And yes they won! Abbey and I are the lucky charm?!? Hmmm?! ;) 

Do not forget to take photo with the All-Time-Famous Michael Jordan's statue. It was just moved inside the building of United Center.

United Center
(A) 1901 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois 60612
(T) FOR BULLS - (312) 455-4000