Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Asiana Business Class Lounge at Seoul - Incheon International (ICN)

ABBEY: We used our yearly Citibank Priority Pass to access Asiana Business Class lounge in Incheon International Airport as we have a six-hour layover going to Chicago. 

It was early morning when we arrived and waited an hour for the hot food items to be served. They have fried rice and creamy mushroom, cornflakes, noodles, bread and pastries. Coffee, club soda, beer, wine, juices and fruits can also be found. 

The lounge is very large. You can watch news and sportscast on their huge TV screens, edit your presentations for business meetings, hold a conference, take a shower and most of all have a massage. They have a grand piano as a centerpiece but unfortunately no one played during our visit.

WILL: Almost every year, I gave thanks to Citibank Credit Card for their complimentary Prestige Priority Pass. This 2017, we used it at Asiana Business Lounge at Incheon International Airport. 

What are the unbeatable thing in that lounge? They a massive space that was separated in two sections. We opted to stay at the right side but you can freely roam on both place. 

We were awed to see that there is a mini office that you can use; a computer, printer and scanner. They have a conference room, shower and grand piano. Whoah! But the nicest thing I enjoyed in our almost 3 hour stay, was the room with massage chair and restroom. 

That was my first time to be satisfied with kneading done by an electonic chair. The pressure is perfect and on the right place. I stayed there for 3 full sessions. Ahmm, maybe more?! Haha! I thought the relaxation was already enough, wait until you will seat on their toilet. It has a heater, best thing for the cold weather. Bidet? No! This toilet squirts the warm water on the right spot. Haha!

How about the food? The choices were meagre but I enjoyed their waffles. 

This lounge is very recommendable. Asiana have two lounges in there. So be careful in choosing.

Asiana Business Class Lounge at Seoul - Incheon International (ICN)
(L) 4F, 119 Gate, West Wing, Passenger Terminal
(H) 06:00 - 00:00