Friday, May 5, 2017

Chicago USA: Public Transportation - Experience Chicago Without A Car

ABBEY: We're used to take public transport in Singapore so we took up the challenge of riding trains and buses going Downtown Chicago. As a tourist, we opted to buy a day-pass for 10USD. Unlimited train and bus rides for a day. By doing this, we were able to go to the museums like Adler, the Navy Pier, 360 Chicago, Willis Tower, Chicago Riverwalk, Magnificent Mile and a lot more. 

I cannot help comparing the trains of Singapore and Chicago. Not an insult but for Chicago Transit Authority to improve the system or service. 

The trains are just plain dirty; floor, windows, and seats. They have smell too. I even observed that there are people literally "living" inside the train. Safety and health issues. 

The buses on the other hand are clean. Touch the door and it will open just like magic.

Chicago USA: Public Transportation - Bus

Chicago USA: Public Transportation - Train Station 
Chicago USA: Public Transportation - Train Coach

WILL: It will be our fist time to roam around without relatives. No guides. Kuya just dropped us off at Harlem station and we are all by ourselves. Ha! 

Our fist time to buy a Ventra ticket, we had a hard time because the machine is asking for our postal code number and we do not know how to key-in. The officer saw us and indicated to press "0" for international. And voila! Tickets came out from the machine. It costs USD10 for unlimited one day ride (per person) for trains and bus. 

I am quite shocked to see how their trains and their stations are. The inside of the train is dirty. I am wondering if they are sweeping or mopping the floors. Drinking and eating is not allowed but some passengers were doing it. I saw a passenger that her leg is up on the other seat. Imagine, all the dirt of her shoes will be at that train chair. :( There is a beggar in a station asking for alms. Orange Station was guarded by policemen with heavy arms. I am wondering what is there about that line. 

The busses are tidier. The bus drivers were welcoming and polite. 

Overall, now I know many people are buying cars. Haha! But how about people who cannot afford or just do not want the stress of having their own car? 

Chicago Transit Authority - CTA Buses & Train Service
1-Day Ticket: $10
Good for unlimited rides for 24 hours.