Thursday, May 18, 2017

The 5 Best Museums In Chicago

ABBEY: We've toured five museums in Chicago and I don't know how long we walked but still there are lot more things to see. We purchased Chicago City Pass for 199USD for the following visitor attractions:

1. Shedd Aquarium
2. Art Institute of Chicago
3. The Field Museum
4. Museum of Science and Industry 
5. Adler Planetarium 

Adler Planetarium:
This is our first stop. We were there way before it open and we're on a full battle gear against cold. We were greeted by the exhibition of the man on the moon; how US President John Kennedy on 1961 challenge the nation to step on the moon before the decade ends. And the rest is history. Since it is all about Earth and other celestial bodies, it has abundant displays of instruments used for the studies like armillary spheres, telescopes, maps and solar system models. 

Shedd Aquarium:
We did revisit Shedd aquarium after our first tour as the tickets for the show is already sold out. The museum is curated in circular form and I find it easy to navigate and see all the exbitions. Creatures from the Amazon, Carribean, Asia, and all over the world will amaze you like beluga whales, penguins, crabs, turtles, and exotic fish. The presentation of each aquarium is great as you can see what's there on the tank. Make sure to plan your visit and to be on the show on time.

Field Museum:
Field Museum is the home of Sue the T-Rex. She's the most complete fossilized skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was incredible. Her head is rested at the 2nd storey and cannot join with her body as it is too heavy. The process of extraction of fossils were also told in the museum. One of the exhibit is about Species; how it is being classified and its evolution. There is a display of a number of birds wherein at first glance they all look the same and belong to same specie but reading at the writeup, they weren't. Another exhibiton shows more knowledge about Chinese trade history.

Museum of Science and Industry:
This museum reminds me of Science Centrum Philippines. It engages the visitors to their experiments. And I was hooked. The scientist in me is jumping for joy. There is a video and display how a baby was formed from first month to delivery. Another is to see your veins at a beam of light. Then compete using only your brainwaves to move a ball towards your opponent. Wow. Truly, less stress and more happy thoughts goes a long way. There is also a large tesla coil that generates thousand of volts. You can also see simulations of avalnce and storm at the museum. Our visit here is so much fun and great.

Art Institute of Chicago:
Ok, this is for the "serious and refined" ones. And there is a lot of walking to do if you want to cover more ground. I was told that I need to deposit my bag at the counter for a dollar fee. It became free as I don't have any during that time :) Art Institute of Chicago was proud that one American returned to its fold:  Whistler's Mother. There are also works of Van Gogh on display.

The 5 Best Museums In Chicago - The Field Museum 
The 5 Best Museums In Chicago - The Art Institute of Chicago

The 5 Best Museums In Chicago - SHEDD Aquarium

The 5 Best Museums In Chicago- Museum of Science and Industry

The 5 Best Museums In Chicago - Adler Planetarium

WILL: Whenever you will search for "What are the things to do in Chicago" google will always come up of the with their prestige museums. They have a lot actually but you must not missed this top 5 colossal buildings. 

1. Museum of Science and Industry. This is our first stop and we enjoyed it with Austria Family. We didn't manage to look all of it because it is really huge. You need a whole day to check and try, yes try, because there is interactive displays, all of it. My favourite, the real submarine of Germans, The U-boat (U-505) and the show of Tesla's Alternating Current. Don't you dare miss it. 

2. Adler Planetarium. This is my first time to a planetarium and it justifies that we are just a speck in this this universe. USA, NASA determined to learn what are the history, the composition and even studying if we really can live in our neighbouring planets. We spend almost 3hours in Adler (without watching any shows). 

3. Shedd Aquarium. OMG! This is the time we decided to buy the Chicago CityPass ticket. For us to be qualified on express (VIP) lane. Why? I can't stand the freezing wind. We thought the queue will be fast enough to accommodate us but we are wrong! We stand waited for almost an hour. 

When we got our CityPass confirmation online, we immediately went to the express lane and sadly to say on that afternoon, all shows were booked. So we just went there and catch a glimpse of fishes. Oh! They have this "Amazon River" portion which you will be gladly see the huge fishes and ANACONDA! Yep! There is live anaconda in that area! Scary! 

We went back on the following day to see the shows. Tell you frankly, I am disappointed on their Aquatic Presentation. I am proud to announce that there is a hall on showcasing the Philippines' reef. And the 4D show, as ever, it is exciting. Highly recommended! 

4. Su! I want to see Su! She or he? I am not sure but "she" is the most complete trynosaurus rex ever excavated. That is why The Field Museum is a must visit to many tourists. There is so many artefacts and new displays that you need to check to. Honestly, you cannot finish this is on half day if you wish to see all of it. 

I love the live-in-action scientist who are doing their job and you are just on the other side of the glass panels, you can look on what they are doing. Please, do not knock or get their attention. You do not want them to ruin anything right? 

Oh! They have this bugs, that it as small as you cannot imagine. Haha! 

The Field Museum made me think that, me, while doing non-sense activities in life, there are scientists that is studying these small details to learn the history and make the future better for all the species on Earth. 

5. This! Yes! The Art Institute of Chicago made my feet sore. This museum is the home of not hundreds but thousands of paintings, sculptures and work of arts!

I find it weird that there are people interpreting the works of others. They are in conclusion that maybe this, maybe that painter feels this,feels that while painting this or painting that. What if the artists just want to do that? What if there is no meaning at all. Just thinking out loud. 

I love some of the happy paintings that I want to take them home. Haha! "Gloomy" arts are there too. Of course. There is a way of "dot-dot" painting that is really proves the patience and artistry of its maker! I love get that for our future home! 

Now I have somewhat glimpse of what should I buy. :)  

Thank you Ate Abigail, Kuya Victor and Donna for the free tix to Adler Planetarium and Museum of Science and Industry. And the rest, we bought Chicago CityPASS worth US$99.75 each. 

Happy Chicago museum hopping! :)

Adler Planetarium
(A) 1300 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, USA
(T) +1 312-922-7827
(H) 9:30AM - 4PM

Shedd Aquarium
(A) 1200 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, USA
(T) +1 312-939-2438
(H) Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

Museum of Science & Industry
(A) 5700 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
(T) +1 773 684 1414
(H) 10am-5pm

The Field Museum
(A) 1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
(T) +1 312 922 9410
(H) 9am-5pm

The Art Institute of Chicago
(A) 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL
(T) +1 312 443 3600
(H) Mon-Wed 10:30am-5pm, Thurs 10:30am-8pm, Fri-Sun 10:30am-5pm

Chicago CityPASS