Sunday, March 26, 2017

i Light Marina Bay Singapore 2017 + GastroBeats + Carnival

ABBEY: I'm excited to see what iLight 2017 has to offer so we headed to Marina Bay and check it. We were able to see the following light installations:
Ocean Pavilion - made up of repurposed water bottles with LED lights.
Home - house frame traced by lights.
Light Network - abstract flow of light that resembles a network.
Moonflower - artificial flowers being lit up by solar cells in its center.
Northern Lights - strings of LED light in tubes that mimics the Aurora Borealis

The festival also offers gastronomical treats for the guests. At Gastrobeats, enjoy and indulge in delicious foods while being entertained by live performances. I got Street Food Circus' fish and chips with butterscotch beer sauce. The queue for this is so long. I hope they can improve their service to cater more customers and deliver their food items faster. To the owner of Street Food Circus: It doesn't make sense to let the staff wear a tube top and lifting it up every a couple of seconds. It is a waste of time instead of serving the orders.

WILL: First of all, if you want to enjoy, read and learn all the displays in ILight, do not go on Saturdays. Reality strikes when we reached the Marina Bay and there is a lot of people already roaming around waiting for the displays to lit up! 

It is hard to take photos or videos that will not capture any face. Haha! 

The iLight now is more creative than before and more interactive. This event was enjoyed not only by young but also the adults. 

If your tummy is grumbling, do not expect a short queue at GastroBeats which ate up all our time in. We queued for more than 30minutes to give our orders and more than 45 minutes to our food at Street Food Circus. I got a fast Burrito, but the taste is bleh! Haha! No wonder there is no people in line at the cashier. 

After we waited and ate, I am so sorry that I felt exhaustion and decided not to pursue the other iLight displays. 

Learned the lesson. No weekends! Mental note on that!

i Light Marina Bay Singapore 2017