Saturday, March 25, 2017

Make the Future Singapore 2017 | Shell Singapore

ABBEY: I saw ads of Shell:Make the Future in YouTube and I told Wilma for us to go there. It was held in Changi Exhibition Centre from May 16-19. We registered for the event and we hopped on to the free shuttle bus near Expo MRT station. 

We were given our ids and all throughout the exhibition you can show support to the ideas by scanning your QR code. Maybe the idea that have the most support will be materialized first. Some of the ways to generate or produce energy is through the wind in highways, or through the panels in the road by harnessing kinetic energy, and by help of gravity. 

It is a mind-opening experience. They also have games like car race using salt water-powered toy cars, making your engine fuel-efficient by collecting the right ingredients, and challenging a wind machine. Food and drinks are available in the venue. Eco-marathon (race cars made by universities around the world) competition was also running in parallel with Make the Future event.

WILL: All I want to do now is work and sleep. Yup! I am too lazy to roam around, to play or just go to the mall that is just merely beside our home. If you will see our calendar this past few months, it is so clear and white. Haha. But Abbey invited me to see for ourselves the Shell's - Make The Future Singapore. 

We got two tickets for free (shuttle is for free too) and we headed Saturday late afternoon and to my expectation not so many people are there. 

I am astounded that there are now new innovations/inventions to harness the power from different sources. Sun, wind, gravity, our footsteps, waves and even salt water. 

I am happy that many people are now devoted to lessen our carbon footprint, pollution and the use of oils. 

Abbey and I is looking forward to apply some of those learnings we had that time.

Make the Future Singapore 2017 | Shell Singapore