Thursday, March 23, 2017

Edge - Asian and Pacific Restaurant - Pan Pacific Singapore

ABBEY: Another night of farewell for Wilma's colleagues so another dinner was setup. I am a self-proclaimed  "adopted" son of Rejoice so I came as my wife's tag-along. It was in The Egde at Pan-Pacific Hotel. One pax is at 83SGD. 

The ambiance got a homey-feel. 

I indulged in sashimi, sushi, Korean food like bibimbap and spicy rice cake. Their bak kut teh has bitter after taste though. 

What I like the most is their grill station. Pick from pork chops, shrimp, and sausages. Only salt and pepper on the grill but you can put sauce like ketchup, soy and vinegar, and mustard. Don't forget your wooden stick to place your order.  

They also have laksa, baked cray fish and pasta. No chicken tandoor when we dined; sad. 

The staff is fast to clean up the plates, so fast that Wilma's office mate was almost shock when her plate vanished in an instant even she is still eating.  

I got a scoop of salted caramel ice cream on a cone and pieces of chocolate rum for dessert.

WILL: It is not a goodbye for three of our colleagues but wish them luck to their new venture. To celebrate that, Ms Ivy booked a dinner buffet at Pan Pacific Edge. We can get to try and put in a verdict on one of the famous buffet restaurant of Singapore. 

Of course, as usual, we went for sashimi and sushi for appetiser. They ran of dipping saucer. It took a while for them to get some of those. 

They have bbq live station. I asked for Pork Sausage and pork chop. Sausage is ok but the porkchop's meat is totally hard to chew. I surrendered the fight against that pork meat on my 4th try. 

Their bulgogi and chili crab is delicious. Do not forget your fried mantau to partner up with your chili crab! 

I requested The Real Carbonara on their pasta station. It was delivered on our table, excitedly I took a first try and frustratingly swallowed it. Gosh! It is creamy but too salty. I tried their lobster and it was bad. It is not cooked nor half-cooked, it still "raw". 

Papadum is crispy and not too oily. 

They have station there that you can get your complimentary tea and coffee. The tea taste is overly soaked. 

I am sorry for the rants but this is not what I am expecting to the winner of the Best Buffet in Singapore for almost every year. 

I do hope that you will take an account for the comments above. 

Edge - Asian and Pacific Restaurant - Pan Pacific Singapore
(A) Pan Pacific Singapore 7 Raffles Boulevard Level 3, Marina Square
(H) Dinner - 6:30pm to 10:30pm