Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker

ABBEY: This is the second installment of 50 Shades series. 

Mr. Grey wants Anastasia back. And he did everything in his power to reach his goal. The moves were suave; giving lavish gifts, buying the company she's working on, dressing her with designer clothes. All is well until his past haunted him. One of his past (submissive) went rouge. But Mr. Grey and rich as he is, it was taken care off. 

The "steamy" scenes were wilder than the first one: from the shower, to the red room and to the childhood bedroom of Christian. But I just can't imagine how the other elevator passengers didn't take notice of what's happening at the back :)

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I am frustrated with the first batch of 50 Shades Trilogy and I am so confused why I made a decision to watch the second movie. 

Well, I can't blame myself, I am blushing whenever Christian Grey make something to their "un-vanilla" relationship with Ms. Steel. 

If I will compare it with the book, ahmmm 2/10. But if it is a standalone, for "kilig" factor, I will rate it 9/10. 

Will I watch next year the 50 Shades Freed? of course! Hehe!