Wednesday, July 6, 2016

BOUNCE Singapore - A Massive Trampoline Park & Adrenaline Arena

ABBEY: When I first saw an ad about people jumping on trampolines, sure it was fun and cool. The tricks are enticing to do and it seems so easy. But reality hits when we went to Bounce (9th floor of Cineleisure Orchard). 

We were given a pair of non-slip socks and waited for the earlier "Bouncers" to clear the place. We tried our skills in the Big Bag. It was hilarious. The trampoline is telling me that I don't have any rhythm in my body. The first jump was pathetic. But after few more tries, it improved as the staff told be to bend my knees a little bit. 

I also tried the slam dunk. Yes, it was easy....on tv. But I struggled on the higher rim. So what I did I slam the ball in the lower one. That's a win. But the staff put me up to another challenge: to put the ball behind the knee then front then slam it. Seriously? Haha. 

I didn't try the Wall bounce and X-Park. Too tired and I feel my knees are giving up. It was tiring but fun.

Dodgeball Arena

WILL: Abbey and I were eyeing for this place since they announced their opening date. Luckily, our friend Chat gave her interest too. Together with her boyfriend (Benigno Betasolo) we booked a schedule last Saturday, 2nd July. 

We arrived early but just on time to check-in at their counter, sign a waiver on their iPads and change socks. 

Exactly 2pm, we invaded Bounce! We bounced, laughed and bounced and laughed. It is like we time-travel back to our childhood! Do you know that we went for a dodgeball competition with kids? Haha! Lots of fun! 

We checked out the extreme park. And yes! I found out that it is an extreme one!!! Jump here, reach there, swing out and slide! I am overwhelmed with it. It is ninja-like or takeshi castle thingy. Haha. 

We went back to bounce out the trampoline. What can I say? I love the feeling of "flying"! Haha. 

We shall return!!! Ooppps, before I forgot.. My body ached for two days because of this activity. It only means that this is a good and enjoyable exercise for everyone.

BOUNCE Singapore
Cathay Cineleisure #09-01, 8 Grange Rd, 239695
(H) 10AM - 10PM