Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (Power Plant Cinema - Makati City)

ABBEY: This post is long overdue and I'll tell you the reason at the end of this blog. 

We watched Civil War at Rockwell Power Plant Cinema and it is the last full show. We bought the tickets online and we really appreciate the efforts of the staff for us to have tickets. There were some miscommunication on buying them but eventually resolved. We were about to pay at their office and we were told that it is a cash basis only. Still, the management accommodated our payment thru card as it was communicated before. 

The tickets were reprinted and we headed out to the cinema. The hall is big with enough leg room for me :) Since this is the last full show, and the place is cold and comfortable, I slept half of the movie. I was too tired. But I got a chance to see Spiderman, Aunt May (haha), and Stan Lee (Tony Stank). 

Anyways, we watched the movie again and I can say that the movie plot is already there in Pinoy movies but it's as if new when it was applied in Hollywood. The action and effects are great. Captain Rogers really believed on his friend. Can't wait for the next movie. 

Kudos Marvel and Rockwell Power Plant Cinema Management.

WILL: This is so, so late.. we apologize for that. 

For Civil War movie review, well, it has its continuation. The dust is not yet cleared. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank PowerPlant Mall for accommodating our request. As you can see, we booked our cinema ticket on the first day this movie hits the theater. 

I booked online at Power Plant Cinema and yet they have some problem in accepting credit cards (international or local). Despite backing out, we send an email to inform them about their site's glitch. In return, they help us blocked the cinema seats manually and we can pay when we arrived at the cinema. 

We commend Ms. Julie for treating us as a gold... As a VIP customer. Again, thanks Ms. Julie and Power Plant Mall. You help us make a wonderful bonding time for me and my family.

Power Plant Cinema at Power Plant Mall
(A) Rockwell Drive corner Estrella Street, 
City of Makati 1200, Metro Manila