Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Watch Finding Dory (2016) Singapore

ABBEY: I believe that Dory will find her way to her family given what was the result of finding Nemo. But how will they find her family is totally exciting. 

The story is great. Old characters where shown: the fish in the tank at Finding Nemo, Nemo and Marlin.

You'll have lots of fun with the new ones as well: Destiny (whale shark), Hank (octupus), Bailey (beluga whale) and his great pair of glasses; wooooooo,  Becky and her focus, Fluke, Rudder, and Gerald (seals), and the otters. You'll definitely laugh and maybe cry. 

I'll not put any spoilers in here or maybe one; wait for the end credit. Worth to watch in cinema.

Golden Village Suntec City
WILL: Abbey is fan of one of the coolest celebrity of Hollywood. Who am I pertaining to? It is Ellen Degeneres. And of course, being a fan, Abbey demands to watch Finding Dory. Haha.

There are many good points that this fish movie tackled. Gosh! I am on the verge of tears when Dory found her mom and dad. 

I enjoyed the movie but it is quite short, ahmmm, I mean is I want more time to be with this fish and the vast ocean. 

Hope everything is fine now with Nemo and Dory.