Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tim Ho Wan Singapore @ Plaza Singapura

ABBEY: So what's the reason for people queueing on this dim sum restaurant? For one, it is their baked pork bun; a soy-sauced pork delight inside a sweet bun. An order of 3 costs 4.50 SGD. 

I also tried their rice bowl topped with chicken, sausage, and mushroom. Be careful of the metal bowl though to avoid burns. My order is flavorful and delicious. It would be better if they will serve it in large portion. 

I also had a taste of the carrot cake as well as the vegetable dumpling. We ordered free flow of tea. The tea has a unique wood taste; weird but a good twist. 

WILL: Tim Ho Wan is one of the Michelin Star restaurant in Asia . Of course all of the people, including us is so curious what's in store that captured Michelin's attention. After our concert at K Suites in Bugis+, we hailed a taxi to go to Plaza Singapura. 

So lucky that the queue is not so long and the turnover is quite fast. While on waiting for our turn to dine in, we were given an order slip and once we reached our table, not more than 10 minutes we received some of the food and they completed our order for not more than 20mins. 

I have a congee for our very early dinner. Usually I do not eat congee to any store but I had a voice inside me pushed me to have one of it. Well, for $4.20 I got a very tasty congee. Never tasted any like this before. No need of extra condiments. It is just perfect. 

The famous pork bun. What’s with it? A melts-in-your-mouth bun and a Chinese-styled sauced pork. I decided to go for 2 of those. Haha. The carrot cake is simple and even their shrimp and dumpling. 

We will surely come back here for their buns and congee.