Monday, August 18, 2014

Walk for Our Children 2014 by Singapore Children's Society

ABBEY: Well, honestly, I cannot run a marathon. Not just yet. Good thing, we got aware of this program of Singapore Children Society "Walk for our Children". The event was held at West Coast's Grand Lawn from 8:30AM to 2PM last Aug 17. It was graced by Mr. Chan Chun Sing. 

The walk is 3km long and we managed to finish it. I know it is not quite a feat but a start for me and my wife. Mini fair with games and food booths were setup for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

WILL: I am very sad that Abbey's firm didn’t participate on Hair for Hope 2014. So to relinquish the disappointment, I look for an event that hubby and I can participate with. We stumbled upon the Singapore Children’s Society.

They have a 3km leisure walk at West Coast park; free registration. No second thought, we signed up. Anyway, it is my dream to participate in any run here in Singapore and this is a good start. Do the walk first before the run, haha!

We do some zumba for warm up, courtesy of Herbalife group and by 8AM, the walk was started. I love walking hand in hand with my husband. In 3km, we talked about his career, our dream apartments and planning for some holidays.

When we were about to reach the finish line, I saw the kites already flying and people swarming the booths. 

It is fun-filled morning. Oh, please visit their website, you can make a donation or be a volunteer to learn more about their advocacy. 

Till next year guys :)