Tuesday, August 5, 2014

K Suites @ Bugis+

ABBEY: One of Pinoy's pastime is doing karaoke. Professional singers, amateurs, and even the out-of-tunes will belt it out when they got hold of the mic. Pinoys are "born" singers. So after my night shift, yes without sleeping, we went to K Suites in level 3 of Bugis+ to have a 3-hour singing engagement with Nadine and Vince. 

We got a promo offered by Groupon at 80SGD. The place is clean, smells good and homey. The sound proofing is good so we can keep our talents to ourselves. Haha. 

While checking the list of songs, we found out the hard truth. We were already old :). Our repertoire consists of Backstreet Boys, Moffats, Westlife, and 98 Degrees. (Wow, all were disbanded). We also got the timeless like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Beatles. Our singing skills kept up with Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Buble, and Taylor Swift. 

It was a fun afternoon and made sure that we will have this dayout again :)

WILL: Is there a noise drumming inside of your head? Stressed in office or school activities? Burnt out of your monotonous life? Or just want to have fun? Call K Suites  62433113 or 63543113 for reservations.

We got a very good deal at Groupon and managed to booked on our desired time and date. For 3 hours of singing our heart out plus one glass of soda or tea.

We arrived minutes before 12noon and but we were accommodated immediately. As we arrived in our designated room the mic starts to burn as Abbey and VA lined more than 20 songs in snap. Shocks, I think they came here all prepared.

For full 3 hours, we sing, laugh, dance and be merry. 90’s songs is the best!

K Suites, please put some more lights inside each room.

Till next time VA and Nadine ;)