Sunday, August 10, 2014


ABBEY: The Arts House is having a program that reviews a piece of literature which also have a silverscreen version. It's called "But is the book better?". People can register for free passes on the movie. The one we had is about Shakespeare's Othello. A tragedy on the life of Othello made by his friend. 

To be honest I haven't read the book. I definitely will be in dreamland on reading the first page. Good thing that the movie adaptation was made to give a new breath on the masterpiece so it will be learned by the new generation in a different way.

WILL: O is a 2001 film lined with the famous Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Othello.  

Set in a high school basketball team and focused on Odin. Such focus and fame flamed jealousy, greed, betrayal and lies.. So many lies that lead to murders.

Indeed this is a tragedy. 

Thanks to The Arts House at The Old Parliament of Singapore for the free movie :)