Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Singapore Night Festival 2014

ABBEY: Going to Singapore Night Festival is one of the ways you can unwind after a week's work. All performances are free and the stage covers from National Museum, SMU, up to Armenian Street. 

Light installations were also exhibited so please pay attention and make sure to catch the images "on the trees". The "light" gowns are a little creepy. They're like headless brides roaming around the Armenian Church. 

Maybe the main feature of the festival is the Earth Harp created and played by William Close. The artist mounted the strings of his harp into the facade of National Museum making it a part of the gigantic instrument. It was great to hear a rendition of Johan Sebastian Bach's Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee from the 9th Symphony. 

We waited for the 7 Sopranos but it seems there is a change in the schedule so we listened to Sounds of Siren wherein the Anna Fernandez's rendition of At Last is remarkable. "We want you back"

WILL: Before they expanded the venue until City Hall, now they constricted the place but packed it with great performances. Hooray to Singapore Night Festival 2014. Free film screening, museum open house and the best is local and foreign performers around the area. This is a yearly event that we are waiting. No excuse not to go. Why? It was scheduled for 2 consecutive weekends. Haha!

Around 6:40PM we already secured a place at the National Museum’s front lawn. ZingO is worth the wait. We saw a very disciplined Chinese Drum Scene. Right after dramatic drums, Earth Harp came to life. William Close, an inventor of many music instruments played it magnificently. Jamming of ZingO and William’s band made my blood rushing! And we decided to stay till midnight.

Stunning lights are everywhere, we took some photos of the trees formed a 3D ancient faces.

For the first time, Armenian Church joined the event. They housed the full-length dresses glowing in the dark areas of the church’s lawn. Haunted! Scary! I asked Abbey to go off immediately. Haha.

Back in front of National Museum, we waited for about 30minutes for 7Sopranos. I enjoyed their music. They make me dance! Oh, sorry, not only me but also other audiences. We clapped and raised our hands!

Till next year Bras Basah Bugis Precinct. Keep on surprising us!