Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marina Bay Sands' Painting with Light: Christmas Special

ABBEY: We went to the exhibit of Little Black Jacket at ArtScience Museum. At the lobby of the gallery was Painting by Light activity area. 

In time for the holidays, it invites guests to design a Christmas tree decoration by cyanotype; a technique similar to developing a photo on a dark room. Individuals were given cardboard shape cutouts and they will choose for a design to be used. The template will be put over the card board and then expose to UV light. Marks like snowman, snowflakes and sleigh will be etched on the board. After rinsing, the finished product will be hanged on the tree. 

Wishes can be written on the other side of the board.

WILL: After the awesome potrayals of different hollywood actors / actresses, models and known people of The Little Black Jacket, we went straight to Painting with Light just few steps away from the Chanel's exhibition room.

For free, we wrote down all our wishes. We use different kinds of designs and put it under the heat of a black light. After few more steps, the ornament came lovely in our eyes. We put it on at ArtScience Museum all-white tree. Very pleasing on my eyes.

It is my pleasure to take part on this Marina Bay Sands project.