Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Phuket FantaSea - The Ultimate Nighttime Cultural Theme Park

ABBEY: Fantasea is a cultural-magical-modern-elephant show rolled into one. For 2500 bhat, you can have a buffet dinner before the show and you'll be experiencing a one-of-kind entertainment. 

The Fantasea show is located in a make-shift village where you can have arcades, dine in restaurants, buy souvenirs and watch street performers. 

At the buffet you will be eating in a huge dining hall replicating the one in their presidential palace. Be sure to remember your table number so you'll not be lost when you got back from the buffet. The menu includes corn soup, pork, chicken and fish fillet in different curry flavors, pasta, crispy pork belly and fried chicken. Fruits, kueh lapis, cream puff and brownies were the desserts. 

The gates opened as early as 8:30PM and viewers were asked to deposit their camera-loaded gadgets as photography and videography is prohibited. Guests can strike a pose with tiger cubs, mascots and art installations for photo souvenir (2000 bhat - includes 1 8R photo and 3 5R ones and a CD). 

The auditorium and the stage has a rainforest-like setup; trees, plants, and fog. A roar of applause will be heard when the show started as the elephants paraded towards the stage. The show is great. Magicians, cultural dancers, light trapeze and the fireworks really impress me and gave me enjoyment. The elephants were adorable upon doing their tricks. There is still a big room of improvement though with regards to the plot, action scenes and the pyro-techniques. A must-see show for the tourists.

WILL: As usual, every tour I planned I always ask my friend Denise for recommendations and this Phuket Fantasea is one of those. Well there are 2 shows she want me to choose but I ended up buying tickets for this.

For THB 2,500 we got the ticket for Fantasy of a Kingdom Show, buffet dinner Golden Kinnaree Restaurant, and roundtrip transfer from Frutta Boutique. I chose to go here on eve of New Year so we can have nice dinner and we can still watch the fireworks at the beach.

Their service van came on time to pick us up. After almost an hour we reached the theme park. We take paved our way and take photos while are eyes we awed to delight on Tiger Jungle Adventure, Similan Entertainment Centre, Carnival Village Shopping Street, and the great architecture of Palace of the Elephants Theatre.

The dinner do not have so many choices but I like the taste of each viands, oh even their desserts. We really sit there for more than 2 hours, filling our tummies up. Indeed we have a very sumptuous dinner for last night of 2013.

After pigging out, we walk inside the palace, deposited our cameras and handphone. Yes this is compulsory. I am totally excited to see the elephants to perform in front of me. But when the show goes on, it bores me also. Sorry to say because I slept inside the theater.  The performers are quite lousy on their acts, no enthusiasm on their part. Maybe because it is holiday and they are on the stage, still working.

I may not say that I should hear the advice of Denise. Haha!  Hard-headed girl I am! This will not be our last trip at Thailand. Next time we will see the other show.