Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dhoom 3 (2013) - Singapore

ABBEY: After watching a couple of Hindi action movies like Dhoom 2 and Da Bang, Dhoom 3 is the best by far. 

I was anticipating this in silver screen since I saw its trailer. Not only that Katrina Kaif is part of the cast but I was amazed on the effects specially on the scenes involving the twins (spoiler alert). Compared to local films in Philippines the action scenes are better but still plot is predictable. Also they should minimize the use of slow-mo during explosions, and on impossible feats of the hero/villain. Other stunts defy the law of physics but you just need to laugh them off and continue watching the movie. But I assure you all of those criticisms will be gone when you see Aaliyah dance and smile. 

7/10 for the film and 10.5/10 for Katrina. No wonder why she was named sexiest in Asia for the fourth time. Woot! Woot! 

WILL: Dhoom machaleeeee! My colleagues got angry whenever I sing the Dhoom Machele Dhoom. I think for a week that was my LSS. Haha! Dhoom 3 is a big hit here in Singapore and thanks to Sir Nitin Parab for the free tickets. We watched the movie at Golden Village VivoCity.

For almost 3 hours I stared at the silver screen because need to read the subtitle as keen as possible.

I cried. Yes! I cried! My heart is really soft on a siblings-stories. The critics says that the movie is not so good or some were just copied to Hollywood films but for me, 8/10. 3 is nicer than Dhoom 2, I assure you!