Friday, January 31, 2014

Patong Beach on Phuket Island, Thailand

ABBEY:  There are many beaches on Thailand. Among them is Patong beach where we chose to stay during our vacation. The white sand is beautiful but not as soft as what is there on Maya beach. For a hundred bhat you can rent a pair of beach bed with table for drinks where you can enjoy taking snaps on people doing various beach and water activities; like snorkeling, swimming, and parasailing (1500 bhat per person). 

Eateries and restaurants flocked the on the opposite road on the beach. You can have a decent meal for about 100 bhat. Bangla road is also near it as well as the large mall Jungceylon. 

Pieces of advice: 
1. For tourists, don't go on the beach after a New Year's eve party as garbage are all over the place. 
2. For the local government, try to educate the tourist and the residents and let them have an awareness to maintain the place clean.

WILL: Have you ever heard of Patong Beach? No? Why? Where have you been?

Patong beach is the most famous in Phuket. If you're gonna say you are going to Thailand got sure they will ask you if you'll check out Patong Beach. 

We went here on our first day stay. We just took photos of the bluish clear water. The waves' sizes were just fine. But when I tried to dip in, the water is so cold and it made my skin itchy. I thought I am the only one to feel it but hey, even Abbey and two of our friends too. So we decided not to soak our body for today and we will be coming back on the 1st day of 2014. 

As planned, we went there around 7am and ready for a swim until afternoon. To our shocked, we found some beer bottles, paper lantern  and even the firework boxes were floating at the shores. To my disgust, we just rented seats for THB100 each and linger with the sea breeze, watch the cruise ship to leave Phuket Island and plan for our next tour on that day. 

I hope that the government will regulate all the establishments around the area. To maintain the natural beauty of this famous island.