Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kopi Tiam by SWISSÔTEL Singapore

ABBEY: This is not your ordinary Kopitiam. From what I experienced this is a high-end one. It is located at Swissotel Stamford (near City Hall MRT exit ). So like other restaurant you can make a reservation or walk in to dine. You will be given a menu instead of making an order on the stalls. 

I got Nasi Lemak. While waiting, we were served with chips. The serving is big, flavorful and delicious. I expected a fried chicken but their version is chicken curry. Then I had teh-c after the meal. 

It is amazing to know that an almost-fine-dining Kopi Tiam exists where you can have a moment with your loved ones on a "classy" way for a higher-than-normal price. The total bill didn't exceed 25sgd for 2 set meals. I would also like to commend Maricor for attending to us during our date.

WILL: We are really amazed that Swissotel named their restaurant  "Kopitiam" which means coffee shop and this is a well known street shop in Singapore.

I ordered a Bak Kuh 
The, Singapore's famous pork soup. I thought they will give me a small serving because it only costs $18 but when served, I saw a gigantic bowl with ala-dinasour cut of pork ribs. Ha! As usual I targeted for the soup and youtiao, well its a great combination as usual. I ate a lpt of dough fritters. Haha!

Thanks to Ms Maricor for assisting all our needs and thanks to Abbey for his 30th bday treat!