Monday, July 1, 2013

Spa de Earth at Ghim Moh Road

ABBEY: Spa de Earth's one-hour massage promo was posted in for 22sgd. It took no time for me to purchase the vouchers as Wilma is already complaining of muscle aches for a over a month. The establishment is located in Ghim Moh. 

When we arrived we were asked to sign a owner-client agreement and what type of oil should be used; we chose the one for detoxification. Then we were guided to our rooms to change clothes for massage preparation. A couple of minutes I feel like I'm a dough that is being kneaded for bread. I felt the masseur's elbow run on my muscles; it was a hard massage but it was relaxing. 

After that we had ear-candling. The session ended with a cup of hot ginger tea and I had a good night sleep.

WILL: Ghim Moh is known for the hawkers and me too know nothing about Spa de Earth until a deal was mailed to us. Pain at our back striked more often, and as we calculated, our last full body massage was last December 2012 at Wensha. Too delayed gratification, we decided to go buy and made an appointment soonest.

      I am not yet a mother but we celebrated it, hehe. It is only few blocks away from our pad but we decided to take taxi due to the heat of the sun. 
      As we entered yhe second floor of the salon, the aroma of massage oil welcomed us. And the aching muscles started to relax. 
     As ordered to lie down facing the floor, the massage started. As usual I asked for harder kneading and the pressure was kept all the way till end of the session. We also have an candling too.
     I was relieved but not satisfied. It seems my massuers did not hit the right points of my aching back. 
     That was May and now is July. My body is screaming for another massage but definetely if I will go to Spa de Earth,  I will request for Diana.. Abbey's masseur. :)