Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay

ABBEY: This dome was still under construction when Singapore hosted the Orchid Convention. This is one of the glass domes in Gardens by the Bay. It showcases plants that lives in higher altitudes. At the entrance, we were welcomed by drizzles from a 6-storey man-made waterfall. 

Next level are the crystals. The exhibition of stalactites and stalagmites is amazing. As we go on to the upper levels species of plants became more of the "shrubby" type. That's how the plants grow on different altitudes. We cane to see large pitcher plants and colorful orchids. 

The dome also have skywalk and platform to have a good snap of the waterfalls. For 18sgd you can visit Cloud forest and flower domes with a free show of OCBC Rhapsody.

WILL: Got the free chance to explore the Flower Dome last 2011 before the grand opening of Gardens by the Bay, I am so excited to check out the Cloud Forest but its not done yet. 
      Ate Abigail and Kuya Victory went here in Singapore, Abbey and I decided to buy ticket of this World's Building of the Year at Groupon. We bought three, myself was not included, I am assuming that I'll be going back from office quite late then, but 6pm, I am on feet to check them out. 
     In this dome lies a gigantic manmade waterfall. Mist and cool air will greet you. Well, this really gives the right feeling once people climbed up a fog forest. Flora here is very different. Moss is all over. There's also a zone that showcases the crystals formed in thousands years. 
    A nice experience to hold on to. :) Thanks Sis Gail and Bro Victory for sharing this great time to explore this dome