Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cocoon Boutique Hotel – Where Luxury is Responsible

ABBEY: This was tagged as eco-hotel in a city. It is located at Scout Tobias corner Scout Rallos in Quezon city. An overnight stay in a twin bed room costs . It has a tub (Wilma was ecstatic knowing it), a comfy twin bed and fragrant toiletries. Buffet pastry breakfast is being served at the top-most floor where the outdoor swimming pool is also located. Priced at 350 per person, you can enjoy on freshly baked bread, cereal and soup. It also includes an order of one rice meal (longsilog, tosilog, tapsilog, american breakfast etc). Lift lobbies were ornamented with big blocks of wood while small blocks were used to design walls of the room. An old grand piano was exhibited in the hotel lobby; maybe if it can be tuned up it would be better. Hotel staffs were very helpful and attends to the needs of the guests specially when the lift broke down. Other thing to improve though with the chubby chef in the breakfast buffet; it would be better to keep his rant to his teammate to himself. Its disturbing and annoying to hear him whine when I'm enjoying the most important meal of the day.

WILL: RJ and Jhen's wedding is coming and I asked Jhen where we will stay. They told us that they will be staying at Cocoon Boutique Hotel. We have two options, to stay at my parents' house or to book for a room in this hotel. Well, after some calculations we chose the latter. 
      Urgently we start to send email to and Ms Annie immediately accommodated our queries, P4200 per night, breakfast is included for two pax. As time goes by, we requested two more pax to avail the breakfast but it ended 3, my Ate Sol, Kuya Laleng, Hannah & Baste(2child but counted as 1 adult)were added which is P350 per person. Until now nit yet paid, Sorry Ms Annie. Later this month I will deposit it to you. Don't get us wrong, their staffs forgot to bill us and we forgot also as we never checked the bill upon checking out. 
     Their room is so spacious and what I really love is their bathtub that can be viewed the tv, but I don't have the chance to soak my tired body because Hannah and Baste do that for me. Oh, Baste asked me to put a slide in our bathtub in home. Hehe. 
     Their P350 breakfast is just a simple one. Nothing to linger and stay for more. After a plate we decided to go back in our room for the wedding preparation since the pool is way too cool for the kids to handle. 
     Indeed this is the most valuable and newest hotel around the Quezon City. Worthy for weddings, birthdays or for romantic escapade. 
     Thanks Ms Annie for accommodating our request. Free to communicate with them through email, their responses were never delayed.