Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360

ABBEY: This is a must-see destination when visiting Hongkong. From airport we directly went there thru MTR (train transportation). We settled our luggage on their rented lockers. It stored our 3 check-in luggages for 3 hours for 40hkd. Then we bought tickets for a 5.7km cable car ride.

It was good as you can take an aerial view of Hongkong International Airport, hotels and towering buildings in Hongkong. Ngong Ping caters different diners and souvenir shops as well as heritage village. It also exhibits the various cable cars of other countries. At the end of the trail is a large Buddha where people pray and donate for its maintenance; others light incense. Climbing more than 200 steps is a challenge but worth the effort as it gives you relaxing view of mountains and mist. 

WILL: My former boss once told me "Maybe Wilma you're Chinese on your past life.", well, that one is beyond my knowledge. Whe she told that?, I am truly fascinated with China and when I am planning have a trip in Hong Kong years back, I want to go at Ngong Ping 360 to see one of the biggest buddha in China. 
     This is our first stop, the Ngong Ping 360. After alighting at Hong Kong International Airport, we immediately bought an octopus card and board their fantastic railway known as Airport Express. 
     At Tung Chung, we walked our way to NP360. It is almost 8am too early isn't?, but it took us 45mins just to get our turn to board the cable car. Ahm, beware of the people who cuts in line. 
     25minutes of cable car ride, from there you can see the lush mountain of Lantau Island, the vast airport runway and feel a 14 degrees Celsius breeze. 
     Upon arriving, I am so delighted to see the Chinese Architectural design of Ngong Ping Village. I am happy to be here and to explore this place with my husband. Me and Abbey wrote down wishes at Bodhi Wishing Shrine. Here also displayed the first-ever international cable cars. 
     Upon passing the village, at Ngong Ping Piazza the Twelve Divine Generals welcomes us and prepare us to meet the world tallest outdoor bronze Buddha. After, well, I don't know how many steps it was, we reached the top. Roamed around in few minutes, and lingered the view of Lantau island from the top. 
     We went to the Po Lin temple, Hong Kong's largest Buddhist temple. That day, there is so many incense and people gathers to pray. 
     This is a nice place to escape from hustles of city. They also offers accommodations. This costs HK$270/pax.