Friday, February 1, 2013

Marché Bar & Bistro

ABBEY: We had tried to dine in Marche's restaurant but this is the first time with their bar and bistro. This one is located outside Raffles City mall. I ordered grilled chicken pizza and the staff told me that its really big; enough for 2 persons to share. Not knowing that the "threat" is serious, I was surprised when I saw it being served in a large plate and has its own stand as it will occupy our whole table. It is like a super-sized Turkish pide (an oval-shaped thin crust bread with toppings). For 18++ SGD, this delight has a reasonable price. I was already full finishing only half of the pie. It was delicious and full of aroma. The ambiance is good as well; fit to meet with friends after a day's work.

WILL: We watched "The Impossible" movie premiere at the Shaw Lido and Abbey's schedule was on NA shift then, so I decided to stat and accompany him until the 11pm hits the clock. 
      We went to Chijmes to have some pica-pica but he don't like the ambiance of the place, so we went out, in that we saw the Marche Bar and Bistro waving on us. 
      We sat down and I scanned the menu as I am starving that time, whoah, this chicken wrap caught my attention and immediately ordered for it. Abbey went for pizza. The taste of the roasted chicken wrap is nice but better when the yogurt was poured all over it. Pizza is huge to its price, so huge we cannot finish, we just tapao it. After a day, I ate it, yes I, all alone for me to eat it. Ha! 
      This is a great place to unwind while sipping wine. Thanks Abbey for asking me to dine with you here. Definitely we will be coming back.