Saturday, February 23, 2013


ABBEY: My wife and I watched the 1985 classic of the Wizard of Oz and liked the story since then. 

After that I saw the different perspective of the story when we watched Wicked musical (dubbed as the prelude of Wizard of Oz). Now its Oz's time of the story. 

We anxiously waits its screening; hoping that after seeing, I'll love it even more.

WILL: The Wizard of Oz is not another movie that just come and go, the story never fall out from my brain cells. :) 
      I got interested when I first watched the Return of Oz when I was a child. The movie haunts me, and until now, I have a copy of it. That 1980's film showed how crooked the Wicked Witch of the North.  
      How fan am I? When the famous musical play "Wicked" came here in Singapore, we hurriedly watched to understand the life of the Wicked Witch of the West. 
      Now, that Walt Disney Pictures come up to make the life of Oz. This is really exciting! The spotlight is with Oscar the ordinary man. This movie is really-a-must-watch!

Catch Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL in Singapore cinemas this 7 March 2013,  like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel