Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ace Renewal and Repairing Mask

ABBEY: Another mask? Yes. This was has a lesser scent than the last one I tried but still has the same effect. Once the mask has been applied prickling sensation will be felt. After the application it leaves your face soft and moisturize. Pampa-pogi :)

WILL: SaSa thank you so much for this giveaway! Me and hubby won a mask to try on. :) 
      Mask day again and here are some of the points I observed. 
This is the thinnest mask I used so far and due to its thinnest this mask must be folded between two other sheets to prevent breaking upon spreading up on users' face. It really sticks in and even the corners of nose and eyes were also hit and sucked up the fluid  There is no stingent smell, its like I am putting mask soaked in water only. After 20mins taking it off, I feel the pores is tighter and there is no sticky feeling on my face. On the next day, my T-zone that is usually oily, I saw that as if I am wearing a foundation. Haha. Goodbye oily T-zone. 
      Recommendable. You can buy this at any SaSa branch! :)