Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nam Kee JB Pau - The Grandstand Branch

ABBEY: Nam Kee JB Pau store in Waterway point has never ending queue until all the paos run out. We went to The Grandstand and they have tables for you to dine in. But still the queue is there; three of them to be exact (noodles, paus and dimsum, and drinks). 

We got crispy noodles, pork porridge, two big paos, char siew pau, and siew mai. The noodle soup is delicious. The paos have good amount of fillings and the bun is soft. They are worth the queue :)

In Waterway, we ordered Mee Hon Kuay (gnocchi-like texture) and Ke Kuo Noodle (Maggi-noodle-like) for 4SGD a bowl.

Nam Kee JB Pau - The Grandstand Branch
Nam Kee JB Pau - The Grandstand Branch

WILL: To partner up our "kampong" stay, we went to The Grandstand and braved ourselves to wait and wait in the loooong queue at JB Pau. 

They have a branch at Waterway Punggol (takeaway counter) and yet we still prefer to hold our curiosity to taste their food on our 7th wedding anniversary celebration. 

I went for porridge that time and there is nothing special on it. What I enjoyed the most is their well-wrapped siew mai. No need to dip on anything. 

Then, after a week, we saw that there's a short queue at the their branch at Waterway Point Punggol, next order is Mee Hon Kuay, only S$4.00. You know gnocchi? Yes! This is the malay style! The "pasta" consistency is firm. The soup is tasty! Oh my! I can eat that every day. 

Now we know why the queue is ALWAYS long. Haha.

Nam Kee JB Pau 
(A) 200 Turf Club Rd  #01-09 (The Grandstand)
83 Punggol Central #01-K3 (Waterway Point)

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