Monday, April 23, 2018

Cycle Singapore: Punggol to Seletar Aerospace

ABBEY: We always wanted to go to Seletar Aerospace Park. And so we did; thru bicycle. Yes, we pedaled the 16-km roundtrip (distance according to Strava). And all we have have is a 1.5 liter of isotonic drink, towel and phone. 

It was fun as we get to see new buildings, landed houses and fields. It was the same time tiring but we need to get there and most importantly to get back home. There is no turning back. As with the park’s name we got to see private planes. Another sight that inspired me to strive harder. 

Next journey is to IKEA.

Cycle Singapore: Seletar Aerospace
Cycle Singapore: TPE / Jalan Kayu

WILL: This time I wish to experience a long cycle. Abbey wants to go to Seletar Aerospace to check out the reataurants there. Combining our wish and wants! Tadaaaannn! It's a date. 

Abbey plotted the route and while planning it he is so anxious because the map directing is us to cycle at expressway. Haha! 

Cycling will make you appreciate nature. The greenery landscapes of Singapore and clean air you can breath. 

Imagine the uphill track? One uncle sitting at bus stop looked at me, smiled and there is a look in his eyes that seems asking me "Why you punish yourself?" Haha! 

We happily spend almost 1 hour each way. The next day, I have hard time walking normally. Haha. 

Cycling is a good exercise. You will save money by using bike sharing services, you can help to decongest too the buses and MRT trains. Let's cycle, expolore Singapore. Have healthier FUN!