Friday, April 27, 2018

Tiger Brewery (Singapore) Tour

ABBEY: Tiger Beer is a product of Singapore and you can have a guided tour for only SGD 18. Make sure to come on time as the tour will start with or without you. 

The first stop is getting to know the ingredients; malt, yeast, hops, and water. Then onto the process; getting the malt out of the pulp, fermentation, and packaging. It will take 5-weeks for a batch to be completed and make beer. We were also shown how to do a perfect pour (remember two-finger foam). 

At the start of the tour we were given sampling tickets. And we can use them to taste Tiger beer products as well as other beers being made on the plant. And you can enjoy your drinks in a cosy bar with leather seats, billiard table and dart boards. 

I like the Strong Bow Apple Cider and Tiger Radler Lemon. Yup, less alcohol for me. And we also got to take home a bottle of extra fresh Tiger Beer which was bottled that same day.

Tiger Brewery Singapore Tour
Right From the Tap

Tiger Brewery Singapore Tour
Return this ID for you to get a SOUVENIR

Tiger Brewery Singapore Tour
Beers you can choose for sampling

Tiger Brewery Singapore Tour
Dart Area at Tiger Tavern 
Tiger Brewery Singapore Tour
Billiards Area at Tiger Tavern 

Tiger Brewery Singapore Tour
Choose Your Spot! 

WILL: Do you really, really think that there's nothing left for you to visit here in Singapore? Well, think again! Have you checked out Tiger's Brewery?! 

Good news! They are now open on Sundays for them to accommodate more people! What you can see in this factory? Of course the process on how they manufacture the Tiger Beer. Only that?! Do you know that Tiger Beer have bandwagons of other fermented drinks? Their team includes Barons, Guinness, ABC, Anchor, Strongbow and you have got a chance to sip those at the end of the tour. 

What I can say about our tour? Our guide seems in a hurry, he didn’t gave us a chance to watch videos. Why I know that there should be videos to watch? I saw the other group (after us) well-focused on the big screen just before we left the building. I also forgot to take his name down. Anyways, I won a quiz game and he gave me a try to take a beer right on the tap! 500mL. 

Then after the tour they will give you another 500mL each of Tiger Beer on a weissber glass and 5 coupons of your choice of beer. The lanyard, you can keep. But if you gave back the Visitor's ID itself, they will hand you over a freshly brewed bottled beer for you to take home.

Their bar/tavern is relaxing. It is just like that you were thrown to US. Haha! Leather seats, billiards, darts. They have chips available for sale. 

The best time to go? 2pm. $18? Not a rip-off! Before I forget! Abbey discovered his beer type in here! If you want more beer and you run out of the sampling tickets, you can have a new set (5 tickets) for only $5. 

Tiger Brewery (Singapore) Tour
(H) 1PM - 5PM 
(A)459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim 

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