Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pegasus Boutique Hotel - One of Singapore’s Iconic Heritage Buildings

ABBEY: Wilma booked this hotel reservation at Pegasus Boutique Hotel in time for our 7th year wedding anniversary. It is a boutique hotel so there will be no fancy lobby or amenities. 

Our room is spacious and had new sheets :) The place is kampong (province-like) and quiet. The shower head holder is broken and there is no door to separate the shower from the toilet. Maybe I just don’t know how to operate the TV but the available channels can be counted with my fingers. And it gives static sound whenever you use it. Anyways, we went there to relax and I had a good sleep. I feel refreshed in the morning.

You can spend time in a bar adjacent to the hotel or try a 10-minute walk to the Grandstand.

WILL: It is our 7th year anniversary and I am on sabbatical leave. Luckily, Pegasus Hotel offered an irresistable promotion! A S$48++ a night on their abode. 

Based on their location and building structure, I know what should I expect. And I am right! A simple "kampong" style rooms! 

Throw away the idea of lavish 5-star hotels and indulge in the simplicity of life and nature around. This is not your claustrophobic type hotel you can check-in the CBD area. :) 

The room has its basic needs. A bed, tv, bathroom, airconditioning, a fridge. Amenities are pool, a bbq pit and just a small bar in front of the reception area. 

Oh one more thing, it reminds me of provinces in Philippines. We turned-off the aircon around 10pm because it is very cold inside the room. And around 5am a rooster will wake you up! Haha! Nice! 

Enjoyed the surroundings! Can we declare this as "province" of Singapore? Hehe! One more thing! The staffs around are lovely! Smiles never left their faces.

Pegasus Boutique Hotel - One of Singapore’s Iconic Heritage Buildings 
(A) 100 Turf Club Rd, 287992

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