Monday, September 4, 2017

Valentine Roti - Best Roti Canai in KL

ABBEY: There were many recommendations for Valentine Roti as a must-visit place in Kuala Lumpur. So after a few moments of refreshing at Elements Kuala Lumpur, we booked a taxi headed on to the place. It looks like a carinderia (eatery) in the Philippines; open and beside the road. 

I got a serving of Valentine Thosai. For (MYR6.00), I had a plate of large thosai and different gravies. It was the same taste as I had tried in Singapore. Then I also had kopi to match. 

Beware of the attacking stray cat :)..

Valentine Roti - Best Roti Canai - MENU
Valentine Roti - Best Roti Canai - MENU
Valentine Roti - Best Roti Canai - MENU
Valentine Roti - Best Roti Canai - MENU

WILL: Because Abbey is gaga over Indian Cuisines, we searched and found the best roti canai that travelers and bloggers are talking about. It is Valentine Roti. 

Ok, ok! I admit that we made a bad choice when we booked a hotel taxi to go there, it costs us MYR50. Haha! Where it is located? Just 15-minutes walk from the Petronas' Twin Towers. Anyway, here it goes. 

It only opens from 530pm till late night, so strike it out for breakfast or lunch. We arrived before 6pm and one by one people are filling up the empty tables. 

I went for their famous crispy Roti Canai which costs only MYR1.50. Yep it is totally crispy and they served me 3 kinds of hot vegetarian dips! Oh! Can't take off my hands on it until I finished the 2 pcs. 

That is a total value for money. I think the delight on my tastebuds compensated what we'd spend at taxi. (Bloody conscience kicking in).  

Visit Valentine Roti! :) 

Valentine Roti - Best Roti Canai in KL
(A) 1, Jalan Semarak, Opposite Menara Celcom, 54000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(H) 5:30PM - 1:45AM

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