Thursday, September 28, 2017

Easy Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Porridge) Recipe

ABBEY: When I was a kid, I always use to think that making champorado requires a master kitchen skill to cook. But I just found out it’s not :) Haha.

Glutinous rice (ratio of rice to cocoa is 1 cup rice: 3tbsp cocoa)
Cocoa powder
Sugar (depends on how sweet you want your champorado to be)
Water (depends on the viscosity of your champorado you want to be)
Powdered milk (this is preferred. I always use this)

Mix all dry ingredients in a caserrole except the powdered milk until well incorporated. Add in water. See package of glutinous rice for cooking instructions. Bring it to a boil. Stir every a couple of minutes to avoid sticking at the bottom. From here on, it depends on you how thick your champorado will be as well as the sweetness. Put in a bowl and top with powdered milk. This can also be served cold.

Easy Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Porridge)
with Bear Brand Powdered Milk

WILL: I have a specific kind of chaporado that I like. I like it watery, while Abbey like it less water. Opposite indeed! Everytime he cooks an instant champorado mix, he is the only one finishing it. Yup. I am hands off on that (malagkit) sticky champorado. 

I am not displaying frustration about that fuzz but Abbey surprised me with my kind of chocolatey rice, one day! Yey! As I want it, I like it watery, cold and topped with powdered milk. Yum!!! 

Is this a forgotten delight now in our era? Let your child try it now! For sure they will love you more! :)