Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sentosa Sandsation 2017 & Merlion Magic Lights

ABBEY: Sand artworks are being displayed now at Sentosa. It is time for Sentosa Sandsation 2017. The exhibit is at Siloso Beach (alight the monorail at Beach Station and ride a tram). I was amazed at the structures which shows Singaporean culture like chope, kiasu, queuing, and fondness to food. The artists really put a lot of time and effort for this show. Though it is on the beach, don’t worry about the sun as the exhibit is covered; else the masterpieces will just melt at the first drop of rain. After walking on the tour, head to Imbiah station for a light show at the Merlion. By the way, did I forget to say both are free? Yes, it is for free. Be amazed.

Sentosa Sandsation 2017 : September 1-17
Merlion Magic Lights: September 1 - October 29 (7:45PM, 8:15PM, 8:45PM, 9:15PM)

WILL: I honestly admit that I am lazy to roam around after a day of work...ahm ok even weekends. Haha! This past few months, I am the one who just want to seat, lay on bed and only thing that can make me move is to run around our block or inside the gym. 

I saw the formed sands at Sentosa. It reminds me of what I saw in one of the YouTube video in Japan. So, I scheduled to have that visited one Thursday night and to have a date night too with my husband at Sentosa Island.

We used the Sentosa Boardwalk to gain free entry at the island then we boarded the train and bus (free) to Siloso Beach. Creatively and impressively formed sands are there! We found one guy retouching one of the sculptures and asked them how many days that it was prepared. He answered 10days. Imagine that! All those artists flew to Singapore and work for it for 10days! Truly, this is a must visit attraction. 

Sand sculptures portraits the traditions and food of Singapore and some artists uses their skills to give their message to the people. One thing took my attention, it was a lady child seating on the learning blocks. The blocks was normally curved with letter and numbers, the blocks consist of different brands of clothings, bags and shoes. This will make you think how children are evolving now. It is a good eye-opener for parents. Thanks Mr. Borecki Wiaczeslaw of Poland. 

To hit two in a single trip, we waited for Merlion MagiLights. It will run until 29th of October. It is an astonishing light show. It is my first time to see human-form lights dancing on a transparent screen! 

Sentosa always have something up in their sleeves! And most of it... it is for FREE!!! 

Visit Sentosa Island Singapore's State of Fun!

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