Sunday, June 4, 2017

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

ABBEY: Deep dish pizza is one of the things that Chicago is well known for. And it's great that we indulged on those slices from three restaurants: Lou Malnati's, Giordano's Pizzeria, and Ginos East. It's hard to compare as each has its own unique way of how it was prepared, unique flavors and taste. 

For me, Lou Malnati's butter crust is better than the "undercooked" ones from Giordano's and Ginos East. But all of them put good, fresh, and flavorful ingredients that fill the pizza to brim. 

I think the lesson here is stop comparing, just eat and enjoy.

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Ginos East

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Giordano's Lunch Menu

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Giordano's Dining Place 
The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Lou Malnati's

WILL: Do you know that Chicago is famous for awesome pizzas? Their pizza are not only dough and toppings, their deep dish pizza is consisted of doughs and a basin of toppings! Haha! 

There 3 well-known brands, Ginos East, Lou Malnati's, & Giordano's. So blessed that we tasted it all (Thanks Kuya Victory and Abigail for sponsoring😋). 

My favourite? Giordano's... super yummy meat and melted cheese blended together.Their homey feeling at their branch at is superb. Great service and super clean restaurant.

While the other two? Malnatis' dough is buttery and crispy which is the distinction to the other two. And Ginos East? Nothing special that reminds of me. Sorry. 

So whenever you visited Illinois, have a taste test of the three Deep Dish Pizza and share with us your judgment.

Lou Malnati's, the Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Restaurant
(T)  1-800-Lou-To-Go (1-800-568-8646)

Giordano's: Chicago's Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza
(T) 1 312-842-1100

Ginos East | Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
(T) +1 312-988-4200

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