Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bantam Bagels in Starbucks Chicago

ABBEY: We're a fan of Shark Tank and one of the products pitched in the show was the Bantam Bagel. It is being carried under the wings of Starbucks all across US. So we gave it a try when we went to Chicago. 

It costs USD2.95 a pair. Basically it is a bagel ball. That's all. The taste and filling (cream cheese) is the same as others.

Bantam Bagels in Starbucks Chicago 
WILL: I will never forget the taste of this Bantam Bagel. It is my number one in our "To Eat List" when we visited Chicago. Why? This made me drool when I saw sharks (Shark Tank) lingering at the taste of this bite-size bagels. 

One morning Abbey, together with Kuya Victor, went to Starbucks and bought me a bunch of those Bantam Bagel. 

The taste? It is what the same with other bagels with spreads and the only difference is the size. Now I am thinking maybe, they put extra ordinary effort when they are pitching at Shark Tank. 

You can find Bantam Bagel in the nearest Starbucks in your area. :)

Bantam Bagels