Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Millennium Park / Magnificent Mile / Navy Pier

ABBEY: This is the start of our Downtown Chicago "exploration" alone. Yup, only me and Wilma, and our handy Apple Maps. Millennium Park is our first goal. This park is where the Cloudgate (The Bean) is located. Make sure to be there early to get a good snap of The Bean that is not much crowded. Performances are being shown in Jay Pritzker Pavillion  
during summer and audiences can lay back and enjoy it at the Great Lawn. Flower lovers can visit Lurie Garden. The Crown Fountain and Wrigley Square and Millennium Park Monument is also there. Cross the BP bridge and you'll be connected to Maggie Daley Park. Great exercise with great views.

Head North towards N Michigan and Wacker Drive (Chicago River) and you're in at Magnificent Mile; the upscale section of Michigan Avenue. I got my Harry Potter candies like chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts every-flavor-beans, and butterbeer from Dylan's Candy Bar courtesy of my Aunt Araceli. We also visited Victoria's Secret for Wilma to have a couple of new undergarments. Popular landmarks like the Water Tower and John Hancock Center can be found here.

We also went to Navy Pier. We enjoyed the breeze as we stroll along the pier while watching the carnival rides. You can also book a reservation to get into a yacht on sunset.

Millennium Park - Jay Pritzker Pavillion  
Magnificent Mile - Water Tower 
Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel - A 360 Degree View of the City‎ 
Navy Pier - Crystal Gardens

WILL: Beside museums, you can enjoy the streets of downtown Chicago. But get ready of your feet, you need to take 20-30k steps for you to checkout this three sites. 

Our very first stop was Millennium Park. In here the "bean" is located, the Jay Pritzer Pavilion and the famous sculptures of different artists. Cloudgate is definitely a must to see if you visited Illinois. 

We do not have plan to visit Magnificent Mile. I am bit in to shopping but we cannot help it because the Ledge was just located in there. Haha! So no brainer, we just stroll and Abbey was so happy that his long time plan for him to buy me a Victoria's Secret lingerie came true. Hehe. Of course, I gladly accepted that shopping spree. :) You can see almost the brands you are wanting to see and there's a promotion on every store. 

Navy Pier! Oh because we have nothing to do on our 4th day "gala". And we saw that Navy Pier is just few streets from Tilt!, we opted to explore the area. What we saw there? A ferris wheel (Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel), the Crystal Gardens (located at 2nd floor), parked yachts and a windy place to relax and enjoy the breeze from the lake. 

On those 3, my favorite is Navy Pier. 

Millennium Park
(H) 6 am - 11 pm Daily
(A) 201 East Randolph Street (between Michigan Ave. & Columbus Ave.)
(T) 312-742-1168

The Magnificent Mile 
(A)North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Navy Pier | A Chicago Landmark
(W) https://navypier.com
(H) 10AM – 10PM
(A) 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

(T) 1-800 595-PIER (7437)

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