Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Disney ALADDIN on Broadway | The Hit Broadway Musical at Cadillac Palace Theatre

ABBEY: We got so excited when we learned that Aladdin will be shown in Chicago the same time we will visit there. We booked our tickets on Wilma's natal day. After completing the payment we just realized that the show we booked is on New York. True story. But Ticketmaster helped us to refund it and booked a pair again, now in Cadillac Palace, Chicago. 

It was the first night of the production and the guests flocked at the theater and each was given a program. The place was dimly-lit but well alive. We can hear the orchestra doing their final tune up. And a couple of minutes later, the show began.

It was magical and spectacular. The actors are great especially Genie. The scene I like the most is when Genie and Aladdin met. Yes, and not when he met Jasmine. It was just intense, loud, vibrant, and elegant. The magic carpet ride will take you to pitch black skies with stars that shine like diamonds while being serenaded with "A whole new world". 

The duo Jafar and Iago gave us good laughs. Kudos to the cast, director and whole production of Aladdin.
Disney ALADDIN on Broadway | The Hit Broadway Musical at Cadillac Palace Theatre 
Cadillac Palace Theatre

WILL: A whole new world! A dazzling place I never knew... 

Watching Aladdin at Cadillac Palace is a true-to-life "a whole new world" for me and Abbey. We never dreamt that we can watch a play at US of A and so fantastic that it showed my all-time favorite Disney cartoon Aladdin. 

What is the best scene I cannot forget? When Aladdin was chased by guards, when Aladdin was inside the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin was introduced at the palace, and ahmm... can I say all? There is no dead air or boring scene. Like a child, I can watch it again and again! Haha! 

Cadillac Palace is the theatre that I saw in movies. Draping curtains, lavish ceilings and lovely carpets. It is a magnificent place and perfect for the extravagant palace of Princess Jasmine! 

Thanks Abbey for this play! Lurve it! More-more broadway shows to watch :)

Disney ALADDIN on Broadway | The Hit Broadway Musical
(T) U.S.: 866-870-2717

Cadillac Palace Theatre
(A) 151 W. Randolph St Chicago, IL

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