Friday, June 16, 2017

Lincoln Park Zoo

ABBEY: Note to visitors: Lincoln Park Zoo is big and half day is not enough to cover it. You've been warned.

It was pre-spring and still cold when we went there but still we're able to see animals like mountain lion, flamingos, macaques, penguins, polar bear, and vultures. 

I was amazed by their aviary. The birds have beautiful bright colors and have lots of species. Also we're able to visit the center for African apes. 

Lincoln Park Zoo - Flamingo Island 
Lincoln Park Zoo's Lions' Den 
Lincoln Park Zoo  
Lincoln Park Zoo - Bird at Aviary

WILL: If you will google what are the free things to do in Chicago, Lincoln Zoo and Park will not be off the list. Imagine? Zoo for free? Hmmm, wondering what animals they are showcasing? Okay let's hit it one by one. 

Birds, magnificent feathers, tails, size and beaks. They are totally all unidentifiable for me. Gorillas and monkeys. King of the jungle..Lions. Zebras. Penguins, polar bears. Flamingo and many more. Ahmmm, because of cold weather some of them were in custody and not available for viewing. 

Do not follow us. Do not visit the zoo in winter or spring. Go here in summer, where the flowers are blooming and all of the animals are out ready to take all your inquisitive looks. :) 

Anyways, we still enjoyed out long walk at Lincoln Zoo :) 

Lincoln Park Zoo
(A) 2001 North Clark Street • Chicago, IL 60614
(T) 312-742-2000

(H) September - October 10am-5pm (gates open 7am-6pm) 
November-March 10:00am-4:30pm (gates open 7am-5pm)
April-May 10am-5pm (gates open 7am-6pm)