Monday, June 12, 2017

Skydeck Chicago's LEDGE & TILT! Chicago's Newest Thrill Ride

ABBEY: These two attractions are a must-see for every tourist in Chicago. Our passes were included in the CityPass we purchased. 

With CityPass, no more lining up the long queue, we were at the express lane. 

The Skydeck is at 103rd floor of Willis Tower (formerly Sears) while The Tilt is at 94th floor of 360 Chicago (John Hancock). Both gives an excellent view of Downtown and Lake Michigan. 

The Ledge is an all-glass box protruding outside the building which gives you the feel of walking in the air and fear of falling down. You can snap all the pictures you want but be mindful of other guests. 

However in The Tilt, you need to top-up 6USD to have the experience. And also no cameras. You need to buy the official photo if you want a copy. Hold on to the sidebars and be ready to tilt. Not one, not two, but three angle starting from 90 degrees.

It was thrilling and exciting. Hope for a nice weather to get a good view.
Skydeck Chicago's LEDGE - Pose Number 1
Skydeck Chicago's LEDGE - Pose Number 2

TILT! Chicago's Newest Thrill Ride - You cannot bring your won camera in Tilt! :(

WILL: If you will search the history of Chicago, they are one of the first to have skyscrapers and the best way to get a birds' eye view is to escalate your way to Ledge and Tilt! buildings. 

Willis Tower where the famous Ledge is located is 103rd storey high. There is around 4 ledge that you can queue up and take the best and most daring photo you can have. That is, if you are not afraid of heights. Haha! 

The John Hancock building where has a jaw drop attractions Illinois have. Imagine? You were tilted out of with only feeble glass to catch you or a bar to hold on to. Haha! Gosh! My sweat came out immensely when the crew started the "tilting" process haha! 

I enjoyed most is the Ledge. Why? You can gain friends while you are on queue. You help to get a group photo and someone will take yours in return. 

Both buildings are definitely recommendable.

Skydeck Chicago / LEDGE
(H) March through September from 9am-10pm / October through February from 10am-8pm
(A) 233 South Wacker Drive 103rd floor Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois 60606

TILT! Chicago's Newest Thrill Ride - 360 Chicago
(H) 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
(A) 875 N Michigan Avenue, 94th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Chicago CityPASS