Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rev Up Singapore! - Thursday Pit Lane Experience 2016

ABBEY: We were able to secure tickets for 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Pit Lane experience. And we went there with my brothers-in-law. 

At the entrance, we were given glowing wrist straps; very cool design. Like any other Night Race eve, merchandises, food and drinks were being sold. Free temporary tattoos, podium stage replica photo ops were there also. The Koi Boys gave us wonderful performance before the circuit is open. 

The purpose of the colored wriststraps is for crowd control which is a nice improvement so people will not queue up for so long and not enjoy the live entertainment at the Village Stage. We also got a chance to take snaps of the sexy showgirls of Samba Brasil. 

What I observed is that many of the team garages were closed. So what are we supposed to do on that? They're just gray walls with the name of driver of top. We're ok even only the car will be seen as the driver's appearance is rare. But a closed garage, c'mon. 

I hope it will be better next year.

Wrist Straps Bracelet Light2016 
Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix
Thursday Pit Lane Experience
WILL: Before the roaring engines of Formula 1 cars on weekends are the laughters and handclaps of fans who won a Thursday Pit Lane Experience. :) 

Wohoooo! Now, we are together with my brothers. So what's with 2016's Rev-Up Singapore? Yay, for new wrist straps bracelet light! Yay for the Koi Band from Australia and DJ who plays songs around 80's. Yay for the Brazilian Girls who welcome us on our way to Pit Lane. Hmmm, boo to close garages. C'mon, even a shadow of F1 team's single tire cannot be seen. My excitement suddenly plunged down. 

Well, I enjoyed the performers. I am expecting next year Singapore GP have something up in their sleeves that will rocked the Little Red Dot! It is their 10th year in here and I attended 3 of those! Wooohooo! Can't wait to see the performers lineup next year! :) 

Suggestion? Can you put again a Fan Zone Contest? This will excite all the ticket holders for sure!

Formula 1 - Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 
Thursday Pit Lane Experience 
Stay tune here to win 2017: