Sunday, October 23, 2016

TEDxNTU (Singapore) 2016: Through the Looking Glass

ABBEY: I registered late for this event due to my schedule getting changed at the 11th hour. And I got a reply that I'm on the waiting list. I was hesitant to come as I know the event will be fully packed and going there and being told that there is no room for more will be disappointing. But still I pushed for it and luckily I got in. TEDx NTU welcomes walk-ins. Yey!

We were there 20 minutes early. From the start until the end, all the talks and ideas are all worth spreading. From reptiles to genes to water. What struck me the most is the talk from Raj Singh. He talked about the life of foreign workers for households and construction. They all endure the hardships, struggles, sacrifices and criticisms just to send money back to their families back home. It gave me more awareness of how they are being treated and how they should be treated.

I hope I can attend more TED events or can be the one who will stand in that red circle.

 TEDxNTU (Singapore) 2016: Through the Looking Glass Team
WILL: Be careful what you wish for...this is the best part of unrelentless praying and murmuring your wants and needs to ALMIGHTY. One prayer was granted..again. To attend a live TED talk. 

Why would I submerge myself in telenovelas (sorry I am not fond of it) when I could pick some brains of experts in their fields? TEDx was held at NTU one Saturday and Abbey's classmate send the invite for us months before. No second thoughts, I registered. 

What's the best part I have learned? From Dr. Chris Cummings, communication can break us apart. Dr. Jørgen Schlundt  verified Abbey and I thinking that people are getting sick because of the chemicals we are putting in our food and feeds given to domesticated livestocks.  Akshobh Giridharadas, "yellow journalism" is all over the web. A catchy/fear spreading title but nothing special inside. Investigative journalism is dying because of this non-sense news that lurks in social media sites. Yamini Bhaskar fear can be unlearned (okay I will work on that) and Raj Singh made my tear flow while seeing seeing his short video about workers here in Singapore. 

An-eye opening experience. Ideas worth to think of. Ideas worth sharing! Thanks NTU for the free TEDx, free lunch and high tea (never get the chance to taste the food or drinks served, don't worry it is okay), free goodie bag! Till next year's TEDx.