Monday, October 24, 2016

Inferno Singapore (2016 Film) - Dan Brown

ABBEY: This is the third installation of Robert Langdon's story; the main character of the novels by Dan Brown. 

It started in the hospital where Robert was being treated. He is having trouble remembering what transpired the past 48 hours and having visions and weird dreams. He doesn't even remember the word for coffee :) But just as puzzle-solver he is and with his skills regarding the arts, he is able to decipher it and save the world. There maybe wrong guesses and interpretation of information but all fell into places before the inferno strikes. 

Like the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, this movie made me appreciate the arts more and the secret passageways on museums :)

Shaw Theatres Singapore Inferno Movie Booking Confirmation

WILL: The first book I read that was written by Dan Brown is the Deception Point. Oh! I have no intention to put it down unless my eyes screaming at me so I can put them to slumber. Haha. Then, Abbey surprised me of the boom Inferno. :) And for the second time, I watch a movie that I have read. Ha!

It just validated by imagination while reading Inferno. But I cannot help myself to smile at myself because I know what will happen next. Crazy right? 

Anyways, I enjoyed the movie!