Thursday, September 8, 2016

Singapore Land Transport Gallery

ABBEY: The Land Transport Gallery exhibits how the transport system in Singapore evolved to what it is now. 

We hop on to the "train" and go back in time. The first phase shows the early public vehicles used for transport. It includes old models of buses and taxis. 

The next phase gave us a glimpse of the tickets given by the conductors and also the driver information cards. Then the works began on the next phase. As there is scarcity in space, Singapore dug tunnels to cater expressways and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).  With this, the traffic flow is more manageable and efficient. 

We were guided to an auditorium where we were shown situations that need our opinions in terms of votes. Would you rather build more roads so less traffic or build more playground and malls for people to use? Would you prefer MRT to be built near your home where there will be noise or ride a bus before you're able to get to MRT? Would you rather take public transportation where seat is not guaranteed or drive your car and not have guaranteed parking spot on the place you're going to? These are the same situations Singapore considered when developing the system. There is no right or wrong answer. It only shows that there will be trade offs if you take one of the steps and everybody should accept that to move forward.

Singapore Land Transport Gallery Different EZ-Link Cards
Different EZ-Link Cards
Singapore Sample Car Plates
Singapore Sample Car Plates
Singapore Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Singapore Land Transport Strategies
Land Transport Strategies
WILL: One of Singapore's pride. The way they develop their public transportation over the years. To learn where to go in future you need to acknowledge the past and that is the reason we visited Land Transport Gallery. 

Guided tour is FREE for everyone. Like other tours we have encountered, it is fun and educational...oh, there is an exam before you go out of the gallery. So better listen! :) 

Videos are not allowed inside but photos are permitted. Well, what I can say with LTA? They are doing their job in a fast-pace! 

Till the next inauguration of new MRT line LTA! Cheers! 

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